Theme Song is an opening video of from Being Ian.

Characters PresentsEdit


  • Lights, Camera, Action!
  • Being Ian,
  • (singing) Being Ian.
  • Anything Is Possible.
  • Whoa, Whoa.
  • Just Giving you the Shots!
  • (speaking) Being Ian,
  • (singing) Being Ian.
  • Why can't the world just see things My Way!?
  • Being Ian,
  • All the world's a movie scene,
  • Whoa Whoa.
  • You got the lead role.
  • Being Ian,
  • Your life can be a masterpiece,
  • Whoa Whoa.
  • So Get on with the show.
  • Being Ian.
  • A million moving pictures speeding right inside my Brain.
  • Why can't the world just See things MY WAY!?????