Korey Kelley
Korey Kelly
Vital statistics
Title Korey Kelly
Gender Male
Race Caucasian

Korey Kelley is one of Ian's older brothers and the middle son of Vicky and Ken.


Korey's personality possesses the sensitivity and loving traits of the youngest and the laziness of the oldest child to form his own personality. Despite being a prankster with his eldest brother, Korey has a loving personality and is affectionate towards his family. He is often a confusing and iconoclastic child, but is observant and has a sharp mind. It seems clear that he just chooses not to be aware of his surroundings. According to Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Korey pays Kyle money to prank Ian. He acts as a sidekick to Kyle and often mimics his actions so he can be just like him.


Korey's appearance is brown hair, a black and white shirt with a shark, red shorts, and green shoes. He also wears a green and blue cap. Under his hat, his hair seems to resembles Ken's a bit.


Kyle Edit

Being brothers and being possibly close in age, Kyle and Korey bond a lot. Their friendship mainly is either doing shenanigans together or doing pranks to annoy Ian. It is clear that Korey holds in his affection, as he is afraid of Kyle's disapproval. They are often seen either pranking, watching TV, or fighting verbally or physically.


Korey and Ian have a bond as well. Apparently, when they were younger, Korey and Ian had a very strong bond and made videos together for fun. Why this stopped remains unknown, but it's possibly because Korey is a teenager and prefers to hang out with Kyle. Korey and Ian rarely bicker.


In Kelley vs. Kelley, Korey shows affection for Vicky physically and mentally. He gets into an argument with Kyle over who misses her more and hugs her when she returns from Grandma Menske's house after leaving due to anger and sadness from Ken.


Korey, Kyle and Ken are kooky sports champions. They get along nicely most of the time.


  • While Ian was revealed to be twelve and Kyle was revealed to be seventeen, Korey's age is unknown, but it has been assumed to be 13 or 14 years old as he goes to the same school as Ian, as shown in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? However, he was shown to be a small child in the flashback in The Greatest Story Never Told possibly being 3 or 4 when Ian was only 2 years old.
  • It is revealed in The Greatest Story Never Told that Korey has had his cap since he was very young.
  • Korey seems to be a very popular and respected person in the comic book store. He also seems to be part of a crime-solving team, as revealed in Oh Brother Where Art Thou.
  • He is the only character to have vomited in an episode.
  • Korey is bad at making comebacks, as revealed in Kelley vs. Kelley
  • Korey used to carry around a pink blanket as revealed in Show Me The Bunny.
  • Out of all the Kelley siblings, Korey seems to be the least intelligent.
    • He also seems to be the most observant.
  • Korey pays Kyle to pull pranks. Where he gets the money from is unknown.
  • As seen in many episodes, Korey believes in aliens.
  • According to The Greatest Story Never Told, he hides everything in the attic.
  • He plays the piano very well.
  • He seems to like sweets very much.
  • As shown in Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?, Korey goes to great lengths to keep his comics safe.